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Mrs. Nargis Ghaloo

Secretary for Capital Administration and Development Division


A country cannot develop without a strong economy; a strong economy cannot be built without respect for the rights and dignity of those who work. When we say worker we don’t only mean people who work in government or non government Organizations or industries, but also every individual whose efforts contribute to the national income directly or indirectly.

The world is dynamic. This means that it changes from time to time. What had been acceptable yesterday may not longer be today. The method that adopted in solving certain problems in the past may not be applicable in resolving contemporary problems and issues. Therefore the world today has grown from Stone Age to automated age. This has therefore, required everybody to catch up with a fast moving train. Workers, moreover, should be equipped with the latest technology and skills that will make them more efficient in discharging their duties

Directorate of Workers Education is working hard to support, train and develop the workers and managers of industrial establishments and business organizations through its effective training programs, workshops and seminars. DWE has organized and involved resource persons of high caliber to impart quality programs for its training courses.

The hard work of its leadership and team is reflected in its continuous achievements and efforts on daily basis.