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Message from

Tariq Fazal Choudhry

Minister of State for Capital Administration

and Development Division

 Like other developing countries we face multiple challenges in this era of industrial modernization.  Let us not be ashamed of energy crises, unemployment, extremism issues and security threats, rather what is required is the will and courage to face these problems and look eye to eye with them and grasp a solution for the same.

 Pakistan is blessed with huge resources of manpower due to a fast growing population but over the years investments are being made in the infrastructure but not in the capacity building training of these workers.  PMLN leadership has under taken the challenge to enhance the skill level’s and capacity of the workers, employer, middle management and trade union members to ensure that the gap between the “haves and have not” is growing wider day by day and a sense of insecurity in the common worker is eliminated.  We have to make sure that all efforts are united on this pedestal, so that diligence and trade may flourish.

 The forces of information, technology, globalization and innovation are shifting the paradigms of development and economic gains, it is becoming more and more difficult each day for every economy alike.  This calls for fundamental changes in social, political and economic behavioral happen in one generation’s life span.  Some examples include Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia & Turkey who have proven the very statement correct in its real context.

 Objectives of these training’s is to boost the aptitude of workers, proliferate employers, and attainment of excellence in the toil of unions member.  It is an admitted fact that a literate, trained and skilled worker is more productive than an unskilled worker.  Establishing the fact and accepting it in its righteous order the requirement of training has been fulfilled as these include people directly or indirectly involved in the production of goods and services.  Because trained and literate workers are not only an asset but are a tool towards industrial development of a country, through their boisterous and exuberant performance.

 DWE has been designed some great planes related to its training activities for creating awareness through orientation at industries / commercial establishments and in house capacity building training of the Workers.  I pray for success of the DWE and its team in the large interest of a common worker in Pakistan.